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Dian Nuswantoro University focuses on technology and business, allowing students to create new jobs and utilize technology in accordance with the field that they do. As one of the best private university in Indonesia, Dian Nuswantoro University has a lot of cooperation with several universities both within and outside the country. Dian Nuswantoro University has about 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. We offer courses like computer science, information systems, communication studies, visual communication design, film and television, animation, information management, broadcasting (broadcasting), management, accounting, islamic economics, English, Japanese, hospitality management, public health, environmental health, medical records and health information, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering. With a wide range of courses offered By Dian Nuswantoro University, you will benefit from the business and technology-based education in various disciplines and at the same time enrich the experience of studying abroad and search opportunities with leading global partners.

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Dian Nuswantoro University have a lot of cooperation with several universities both within and outside the country.

Hospitality Contact
Bureau Of Promotion And Admission

Admission Office at Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 207 Semarang

Contact :

  • Telp : 024-356-8491
  • Andi Hallang (08995782290)
  • Jaka Prasetya (081325739811)
  • Lilis (085642975966)

As a learning support, Dian Nuswantoro University also provides the best facilities for the students.

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There is so many positive activities that can be doing at Udinus

Goals of Dian Nuswantoro University
  1. To provide qualified and entrepreneurial graduates
  2. To create a dynamic and responsible academic environment
  3. To create a quality oriented education management
  4. To conduct research in developing science, technology and art
  5. To conduct community service program as the implementation of science, technology, and art
  6. To perform cooperation or joint program with government or private company/department, in national and international scale.
  7. To create quality-oriented service and work program for stakeholder


Objectives of Dian Nuswantoro University:

  • To improve qualified graduates
    1. improvement of GPA of graduates
    2. improvement of percentage of students graduating on time
    3. short waiting period of students to get a job or start a business
    4. improvement of entrepreneurial graduates

  • To improve dynamic academic atmosphere
    1. improvement of scientific autonomy, academic freedom.
    2. improvement of the infrastructure, facilities, and fund that facilitate academic interaction among university members.
    3. improvement of academic programs and activities to create an academic environment (seminar, symposium, workshops, book review, research, etc)
    4. improvement of the academic training program, intellectual attitude building, leadership training, and entrepreneurship.

  • To create quality oriented education management
    1. Well-conducting and responsible functions of organizations
    2. Conducting system and outline long and mid-term plans, related to the vision, missions and the objectives of the institution.
    3. Well-conducting administrative management
    4. Holding cooperation and partnership with relevant institutions or certain parties outside the university move on
    5. Well-conducted monitoring and evaluation system
    6. The availability of directories, catalogs, or a written document that describe the overall activities of the institution including the content and utilization

  • To conduct research to develop the science, technology and art.
    1. the availability of research agenda, including the design and implementation of research to get answers or new information on the various issues faced by society
    2. improvement on the productivity of qualified sustainable and beneficial research to society, government and business
    3. protection of research result and patent right

  • To conduct community service program as an implementation of science, technology, and art
    1. Improvement of the involvement lecturers and students
    2. Improvement the type and number of community services which is relevant to institutions  and or results of research conducted by faculty/lecturers
    3. Increasing variation and number of community services
    4. Increasing the impact of community service activities, the government's development program and the business world.
    5. Increasing source of funding for community services

  • To perform cooperation or joint program with government or private company/department, in national and international scale.
    1. increasing number of partnerships
    2. increasing quality of cooperation programs

  • To conduct quality-oriented service and work program for stakeholder



Students Achievement
  • Juara II Campus League Serie V Tulungagung

    NIM: B11.2013.02837 || Year: 2017

  • Juara III POM Rayon Cabang Bulu Tangkis

    NIM: A15.2015.00164 || Year: 2017

  • Juara III POM Rayon Cabang Pencak Silat

    NIM: A11.2015.09276 || Year: 2017

  • Juara II POM Rayon Cabang Bola Basket

    NIM: A15.2016.00628 || Year: 2017

  • Juara III POM Rayon Cabang Bola Basket

    NIM: B11.2015.03765 || Year: 2017

  • Olimpiade Rekam Medik 2017

    NIM: D22.2015.01659 || Year: 2017

  • Runner Up I Miss Internet Indonesia 2017

    NIM: A15.2015.00131 || Year: 2017

  • Juara 2 Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi 2017 tingkat KOPERTIS VI

    NIM: E12.2015.00874 || Year: 2017

  • TOP 3 Miss Internet Indonesia Wilayah Jawa Tengah

    NIM: A15.2015.00131 || Year: 2017

  • Sekertaris

    NIM: A14.2016.02360 || Year: 2017

  • Juara I Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi Dian Nuswantoro

    NIM: E12.2015.00874 || Year: 2017

  • Juara 3 essay tingkat Universitas DinusFest 2017

    NIM: E12.2013.00697 || Year: 2017

  • Indonesia Delegate for Asia Pacific Leader Initiative

    NIM: A15.2014.00074 || Year: 2016

  • juara harapan 1 ICONIC ITB

    NIM: E11.2014.00667 || Year: 2016

  • Student Mobility UTeM Malaysia

    NIM: A11.2014.08143 || Year: 2016

  • Juara Favorite dan Runner Up Duta UDINUS 2016

    NIM: A15.2015.00131 || Year: 2016

  • Developing Sistem Online Keterbukaan Informasi Publik PT.Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Bagian Front End Engineer

    NIM: A11.2013.07576 || Year: 2016

  • Juara III Ide Muda

    NIM: A14.2014.02003 || Year: 2016

  • Juara II UPGRIS Taekwondo Championship 2016

    NIM: A11.2014.08577 || Year: 2016

  • Juara 1 Lomba Video Kreatif Wish Your Watch

    NIM: A15.2015.00142 || Year: 2016


    NIM: A11.2012.07268 || Year: 2016

  • anggota

    NIM: D12.2016.00005 || Year: 2016

  • Juara 2 Desain Batik Semarangan, HUT SEMARANG 2016. PDAM

    NIM: A14.2015.02074 || Year: 2016

  • Juara Harapan 2 Jogja Fashion Week Carnaval

    NIM: A15.2015.00275 || Year: 2016

  • Peserta PORSIMAPTAR 2016

    NIM: A11.2016.09825 || Year: 2016

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